Feb 092016

“Why is it important to become a disciple of Jesus?”

Episode CardIn this episode, we are going to talk about reading the signs of the times to understand the present-day conditions we are facing as Church. There are three primary works of the Church. We are going to focus on discipleship in this episode. In episode 11 we will cover mercy and in episode 12 we will cover unity.

Our episode quote comes from Saint John of the Cross on discipleship.


After listening to this podcast, you will be able to:

  • Explain what Saint John XXIII meant with his phrase “signs of the times.”
  • Define modernity and how it applies to bring light to the nations.
  • Define what is a disciple of Jesus.
  • Explain how to make disciples for Jesus.

Lumen Gentium Text

This text from Vatican II document Lumen Gentium is the basis for the content of this episode:

“The present-day conditions of the world add greater urgency to this work of the Church” §01 ¶01

Episode Quote

Episode Quote We are each going to choose someone as a role model or a mentor. Saint John of the Cross reminds us to choose wisely. For the Christian, the choice is easy.

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Saint John XXIII Signing Humanae SalutisSigns of the Times


  • Understanding this sociological phenomena can help us in understanding the present-day conditions of those we are disciplining.
  • Overview from Wikipedia.
  • Sociologist consider pre-modernity starting with the legalization of the Church in the fourth century.
  • Modernity began with The Enlightenment and The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. It ends around 1970.
  • We live in post-modernity. Some call this the post-modern age, and some even call it a post-Christian age.
  • Those raised under the influence of post-modernity are (generally speaking):
    • less trusting of authority and institutions
    • focused more on individualism rather than nationalism
    • struggle in making commitments because it removes choices
    • not as willing to accept traditions of ancestors, in particular Christianity but they are seeking something beyond themselves
    • see the modern world as the cause of problems rather than the solution
    • willing to accept that humanity is the worse thing to happen to the Earth
    • looking for trusting, nurturing relationships but their constant questions of motives and being restrained by choices keeps them from these
    • by and large, they lack hope that tomorrow will be better

Works of the Church: Discipleship

  • Jesus tells us in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations by preaching the Gospel.
  • Disciples are disciplined students. Intentional about learning from a master.
  • Disciples conform their way of life to that of their master. When meeting a disciple, you should have a good idea what the master is like.
  • Not all Christians are disciples of Jesus. They claim the title but are not willing to change their pattern of life to match Jesus way of life.
  • The New Evangelization is about re-presenting the Gospel to Christians, we re-disciple those who want to follow Jesus but have lost their way.
  • Are you a fan of Jesus or a disciple?
  • Romans 12:2, “Be not conformed to this world but transformed by the renewal of your mind that you may do what is the will of God.”
  • Become a disciple of Jesus begins with becoming a friend of Jesus.

Why Become A Disciple of Jesus

  • Saint John of the Cross’ quote: Take care into whose hands [you] entrusts [yourself], for as the master is, so will the disciple be.
  • Who do you want to become? You are the result of the people you hang around with and your role models.
  • What do you want said about you are your funeral?
  • We are created in God’s image and He put something in us to seek out that image in others so that we might find out way to Him. He did this not because He is playing a game with us but because He wants us to have the choice to be with Him or not.
  • We were created to His disciples, His friends. That is the desire of our heart. When we are not following that desire, we hurt and often we take this out on others.
  • Friendship with Jesus brings the peace we all seek. That is why we should become His disciple.


  • Ask the Holy Spirit for the graces to become the disciple of Jesus that you are called to be.
  • This needs to be a prayer you pray regularly to be able to hear the answer.


May you be open to receiving the blessings that the Father has for you.
May you be open to conforming yourself to the image of Christ, the light of nations.
May you be open to the boldness of the Holy Spirit guiding you to live a life worthy of your calling.
May you be seeking God’s will for your life and doing what brings Him greater glory.
And I for these blessing on you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thanks be to God!
Saint George Preca, pray for us!