May 062016

When trying to master a skill, it is good to learn from the best, and one of the best to learn from when it comes to making a living from public speaking one is Brian Tracy.

brian tracyHis latest book  “The Six-Figure Speaker: The Ultimate Blueprint to Build a Business as a Highly-Paid Professional Speaker” is an excellent behind-the-scenes look at how Tracy built and runs his speaking business. While overviewing some of the basics of public speaking, he offers several small, but powerful tips. He also details how he used his 10k hours and 300 free talks to go from a disaster to a master.

Mixed among his polished style that most of us are familiar with, he throws in a few of his jabs at those fakers out there who are only in public speaking for the money rather than delivering a message. Tracy says over and over again that the 6-Figure Speaker delivers a message from the heart knowing the money will follow. This philosophy seems to have worked well for him.

He reminds the reader over and over that 95% of developing a six-figure income is finding an audience to speak to. In addition to becoming an excellent public speaker, we must become excellent marketers.

While the amateur speaker holds back on some of his best content so that he can sell them a larger package later. Tracy says no to this. Give them more value than they expect. When they know the amazing value you gave them, they will come back for more. He talks about giving clients a reason to call you back. This is how he built his business.

Work toward becoming the expert. Niche down to an area for which you have the most passion. This will build your credibility, which Tracy says is worth more than gold to a 6-Figure speaker.

I am using the material from this book to create my action plan to get to that six-figure level. While I may never earn $100,000 because my field is not as profitable, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t work toward that goal.

If this level of speaking interest you, I would encourage you to get a copy of “The Six-Figure Speaker.”