Oct 162016

accountability manifestoThe Accountability Manifesto: How Accountability Helps You Stick to Goals is another excellent book by S.J. Scott reminding us of the need for accountability in the form of a mastermind group.

This was one aspect of Think and Grow Rich philosophy I have not been able to fully apply to my goals other than public speaking (I have my Toastmaster club for that one). “The Accountability Manifesto” gives practical, 21st-century advice for harnessing the power of the mastermind (in all it’s various forms) to take our success to the next level.

The timing of the book is perfect as I prepare goals for the next The 12 Week Year and for 2017. I had not considered Mr. Scott’s idea of adding an accountability group to my plan for achieving audacious goals. I think it is going to be helpful in this upcoming 12 weeks.

Mr. Scott begins with a strong case for having accountability as part of your path to success. He then offers several suggested methods for locating groups in our area or online. I liked his idea of accountabuddy. A one-on-one relationship where two people in similar but not the exact same area mentor, coach, and mastermind with another to help each achieve goals. He also offers excellent points on mastermind groups right down to suggested agendas.

I recommend this and many other of Mr. Scott’s book in developing the habits needed to live a life worthy of our calling.