May 122015

FTC REQUIRED DISCLOSURE: The FTC requires me to tell you that I was provided a review copy of this book at no cost.

Reading Filling Our Father’s House by Shaun McAfee reminds me of the conversations I have had with Protestant friends.

McAfee does an excellent job in laying out an Evangelical perspective on the truths of the Church. As many others have written, this is a wonderful introduction for those of us called to be New Evangelists.

McAfee presents a compelling case — along with actionable tips — for how we to be living the faith following the example of the early Christians. This includes Evangelism, Bible study, at least weekly Mass attendance, at least quarterly confession, and being an active member of the parish. These are the things we know we should be doing, what we promised to do, but unfortunately we are not always faithfully in doing.

Protestant Things

In addition to all these basics, McAfee encourages us to develop what many would call “Protestant Things” beginning with developing a personal testimony.

Growing up Protestant and spending many years with Pentecostals and other Evangelicals, I have seen first hand the value of having a personal testimony at the ready. We see in later half of the Christian Scriptures and the stories of the saints the value of telling personal stories of what Jesus had done to help others become a Christian. As New Evangelist, we will — by the grace of the Holy Spirit — help lead people back to the Church by our stories. McAfee has an entire chapter on how to craft a testimony.

The other protestant thing McAfee covers in detail is having a personal relationship with Jesus. He explains that this concept did not begin in 1517 but is clearly shown in the Gospels. Within the Church, we strive to have a personal relationship with Jesus but we don’t use that term. McAfee has an actionable list of how to start or improve this critical relationship with Jesus.

As a student of Vatican II, I enjoyed McAfee’s extensive references to the documents. At the end of most chapters he also includes lists of resources to help with our understanding of the topic.

The only negative I found with the book is the price. As of this writing, the Kindle version is $9.99 and the list price for the paperback is $14.95. This seem high for just over 100 pages of text; however, there are several nuggets in this book that could help you on your relationship with Jesus. Hard to put a price on that.


I give Filling Our Father’s House by Shaun McAfee 4 stars on the Amazon scale.

This is a good book for personal study as well as for groups. It is helpful for those new to their walk with Jesus and as a re-introduction to the basics of the faith for one who has been away from the Church for a while. For those who have already have a strong relationship with Jesus, this book is a good reminder of why we first fell in love with Him.