Oct 182014

FTC REQUIRED DISCLOSURE: The FTC requires me to tell you that I was provided a review copy of this book at no cost.

I struggle with book-length diaries such as “That Flame in your Heart? Turn it into a Blowtorch!: 30 Days to Reignite your Spiritual Life!” even those written by saints. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this genre, it’s just not one I prefer. For that reason I can neither recommend nor discourage you from reading “Blowtorch”, but I can tell you what it’s about so you can make your own decision.

Author David Leis experienced some of the worse that can happen to a married American dad including divorce, job loss, getting on the wrong side of the IRS, and bankruptcy. His daughter gave him two volumes of the series published in Ireland by a lay Catholic known only as Anne. David’s life was changed forever when he read the conversations in Anne’s book purported to be between her and Christ Jesus.

The subtitle of “Blowtorch” is “30 Days to Reignite Your Spiritual Life”. The thirty days comes from the thirty chapters into which David organized journals entries made while he read Anne’s books. He ends each chapter with a point to ponder, some questions to journal about (David also has an accompanying prayer journal available through Amazon), and an opportunity to make a resolution to become a better Christian.

I had the opportunity to meet David at a conference where he gave me a copy of his book. He is just as excited and energized about life and serving our Lord as the person the reader meets in the introduction of “Blowtorch”. It seems to me that fact alone speaks volumes to the healing he found from Christ through reading Anne’s books.

Perhaps if you are at a point where you feel like things cannot get any worse, “Blowtorch” might be for you. Reading the personal reflections of who had been to hell and back might inspire you to lay all of your troubles at the feet of Christ as well. David promises if you prayerfully read his book and complete the steps that he suggests, the same thing is possible for you.