Oct 282013

“Open Adoption, Open Heart” is an adoptive dad’s perspective of an open (adoptive and birth parents knew each other) domestic adoption experience.
Author Russell Elkins is — to make a pun —an open book about his feelings during this process. He does an excellent job painting word pictures to draw in the reader allowing us to live the various scenes with him and his wife.

One point Elkins shows rather than tells of problems of posting photographs on social media. He also shows how an open adoption affects not only the adoptive and birth parents but all of their friends.

As a fellow adoptive dad, I recommend this book to any man considering or being asked to consider adoption. There are MANY adoption books written by women for women. A man’s experiences adoption completely different than women. I am grateful that Elkins has given us this book to help men know that their various feelings about the adoption–good and bad–are okay and you are not the only one who is feeling this way.