May 012014
Tribes by Seth Godin I have heard about “Tribes” by Seth Godin for years and finally got around to listening to it. And while I learned a few things, overall, not I did not think it was all that spectacular.

This book reminded me of reading Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” where there is one central great idea well-presented early in the book, and the rest of the book kicks and kicks that horse while also providing a platform for the writer philosophy and man-crush on Steve Jobs. It seems that both Sinek and Godin are much better at public speaking than at writing.

Jim Rohn — who I considered to be the absolute best in this business genre — thought that it’s worth going to a seminar or reading a book for one good idea. And I did get one good idea out of “Tribes” so it was worth the time I invested listening to this book.

That one idea is when you’re looking for an audience for your product, niche down as far as you can and then make the decision to lead that group because we are in search of an inspiring leader. That’s really the essence of this book.

As far as recommending it:

  • If you’re twenty-something just getting started in business you probably really like it because I think that really is Godin’s primary market. He’s about 10 years too young to be a flower child, but that’s really what is.
  • If you’re looking for a book-length motivational speech on the value of leadership from a flower child, you’ll like this book.
  • If you’re looking for methods on how to form and lead your niche group, keep looking for a better book on leadership. In fact, Godin concedes at the end of his book that this is more on the philosophy of this particular leadership style than a how-to book.