Aug 172013

One of the most recent examples of forced unity is Yugoslavia. Under the Soviet Union, force and terror maintained the “unity.”After the Soviets left, a multi-year war broke out. There has relative peace since 2008 as each group is happy behind their borders.

We were created to live in unity but since the second generation of humans, it has been a struggle. While unity can be forced, it is a gift from our Creator that must be accepted. Unity among humans can only be found in the unity of our Creator.

Vatican II Council Fathers teach that with the Church, “a people made one with the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” (Lumen Gentium Article 4).

Many will scoff about unity within the Church. Looking at the evening news shows massive amounts of disunity within the Church; however, we have to remember what we see on the news comes through a filter of anti-Christian, anti-Catholic. Protestantism is by definition an example of disunity. Within the Church, there are always those on the fringes that thrive on disunity.

Rather than focusing on the failings from the weakness of humans, let’s look at the standard of unity to which we are called.

The Model Of Unity

Trinity ShieldGod is three unique persons — Father, Son, and Spirit — in such perfect unity that the three of Them make up one God. This trinity is one of the greatest mysteries of God.

It was Saint Augustine of Hippo (Hippo is in present-day Annaba, Algeria) who gave the Church our fundamental knowledge of the Trinity in his book On the Trinity (De Trinitate).

Jesus prayed that we would be one as He and the Father are one. Their unity is a model for unity among the great diversity of the Church. It has been over two thousand years since Jesus prayed for that unity. Even within the Vatican today, unity is a struggle.

While it seems society is so fractured that unity among humans is only a dream, it must be possible because Jesus prayed for it. Why would He pray for something that cannot occur?