Feb 042012

Komen and PP The Susan G. Komen

  • Tiffany Kidwell

    I really like the “15% illustration”! It concerns me that Christians are willing to look the other way because of all the “good” PP does. And as for Susan G Komen, I’ve never supported them or purchased products that contribute to them because of their affiliation with PP. There are plenty of other organizations fighting breast cancer that are more worthy of support!

    • Gil Michelini

      Thank you for your comment. I have seen many people who donate directly to a cause rather than going through an intermediary. That’s why I don’t have much use for the United Way; why not give the money to the organizations directly rather than having United Way take some off the top.

  • Janel Lanza

    Thank you for this brave article. Consider submiting parts of it to a newspaper? I like your 15% rule as well. Many people seem to pay very close attention to how animals are treated…

    • Gil Michelini

      Thank you, Janel. I will take your advice and find a place to publish it.