Apr 042013

Have you have ever asked someone to pray for you or someone close to you or have you heard the term “by the intercession of the saints” within a liturgy?

Laying on of HandsAlmost every parish has a “prayer chain” or a group of people who gather every each day to pray for the intentions  of their fellow parishioners.

Some describe these people as “prayer warriors” or, like Frank Peretti in his book This Present Darkness, use the term “remnant” from the book of Isaiah to describe those who pray for the needs of others. Saint Paul tells in several places of praying for individuals and groups as well as asking for prayer.

The Communion of Saints

The teaching of communion of saints was something I had no trouble with while joining the Church. Some struggle with the idea of asking those in Heaven are praying for those on Earth but I it made great sense to me.

The Church recognizes a small group of people who lived amazing lives and who God allowed medical healings through their intercessions since their deaths. These are the people we call the Saints. The Saints are an example of what I am capable of by following God’s will.

Maybe my faith is not strong enough but I am more inspired by the modern saints whose stories can be corroborated than the ancient saints whose lives sometimes seem like too tall of tales. For example:

  • Maria Goretti: a eleven year old girl who died from a would-be-rapist. He was unrepentant even after being sentenced to 30 years. Goretti visited him in his jail cell and told him he was forgiven. He repented immediately and confessed what he did. After leaving prison, he became a Franciscan laybrother.
  • Father Maximilian Kolbe: the Polish priest who took the place of another man and died at the hands of the Nazis.
  • Father Pio of Pietrelcina: the Italian priest and mystic who lead a life devoted to prayer and the sacrament of confession. He bore the stigmata like Saint Paul and Francis. There are color photos and films of this, as well as eyewitness still alive who saw his hands, side, and feet.
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta: followed a calling of Jesus  to serve the poor and still inspires the world.
  • Mother Théodore Guérin: the first Hoosier saint was strong woman who—while remaining under the authority of the Catholic Church— would not be bullied by the male egos in priest and bishops when she founded Saint Mary’s of the Woods College in Indiana.

Both of my business ventures since 2001 have been named in honor of men who lived lives worthy of imitation and focused on a specific area which I am interested:

  • Isidore Interactive in honor of Saint Isidore of Seville. He is the patron saint of the internet and I developed internet applications. He was also a scholar and my company also developed training. I closed this business in 2006.
  • Emiliani Publishing Company in honor of Saint Emiliani. He is the patron saint of orphans. Since my first book was about of adopting my daughter from Guatemala, it made since to select him. This is the business from which I will publish my new book. With the name, I intent to keep the conversion going  about caring for orphans.

Thought To Ponder

Aside from Jesus, who has lived a life you would like to emulate?

Please put your answer below so we can get the conversation started.