Oct 122015

Adoptions to the US by yearThe U.S. State Department 2014 fiscal year report says that only 7,092 children were adopted from outside the United States. This is a 70% drop since the peak in 2004 of 22,991. As wars rage and political policies rejecting families continue, the problem of children growing up without parents has not decreed 70% over 10 years.

The blame for the decrease lays at the feet of the world governments who forced the Hague Convention on the us lead by UNICEF.

Yes, there were abuses in adoption because humans and therefore greed was involved. Issue needed to be addressed but in typical over-reactionary styles, the bureaucrats have created a situation where more children are growing up without families. It would be ideal for children to grow up in their own families or at least in their country of birth but for hundreds of thousands of children around the world, their home-sweet-home tonight is an orphanage.

Well, at least now the bureaucrats feel better about themselves for doing something. Hope the orphans understand.