National Adoption Month


Welcome to National Adoption MonthAs my way of celebrating National Adoption Month, I offer some basics of adoption, orphan care, and book reviews.

Day 01]  Welcome to National Adoption Month

Day 02]  National Adoption Month 2014 theme is “Promoting and Supporting Sibling Connections.”

Day 03]  Bethany Christian Services National Adoption Month Church Bulletin Inserts

Day 04]  What is Orphan Care?

Day 05]  Book Review — I Don’t Have Your Eyes by Carrie Kitze

Day 06]  How To Prevent Children From Becoming Orphans

Day 07]  Why I Don’t Celebrate Orphan Sunday

Day 08]  “Celebrating National Adoption Month with Day by Day Activities” from

Day 09]  An Introduction to the U.S. Foster Care System

Day 10]  Book Review — Mamalita by Jessica O’Dwyer

Day 11]  On Adopting Children From The U.S. Foster System

Day 12]  Introduction To Private Adoptions

Day 13]  Open and Closed Adoptions

Day 14]  Book Review — Love In The Driest Season

Day 15]  “No Limits – National Adoption Month” WFYI Radio Interview    Celebrating National Adoption Month in Fishers

Day 16]  Brief History of American International Adoption

Day 17]  What The Hague Is This Convention?

Day 18]  UNICEF Blamed for Decline in International Adoptions

Day 19]  An Adoptee’s Perspective: 10 Things Adoptive Parents Should Know

Day 20]  “Ten Things We Do for National Adoption Month” Kinship Center

Day 21]  Sometimes, Adoptions Do Not Work Out

Day 22]  “15 Surprises I’ve Encountered While Adopting From Foster Care” Rebecca from Fosterhood

Day 23]  National Adoption Day 2013  Facebook

Day 24]  Selecting an Adoptive Child

Day 25]  Cardinal O’Malley of the Importance of Adoption

Day 26]  Solidarity of Adoption

Day 27]  Does Adoption Give Parents Property Rights?

Day 28]  When Is Parenting Selfish?

Day 29]  “Adoption Is Not The Best Option For Children?” Dawn Davenport

Day 30]  Book Review — Adopted for Life by Russell Moore