Feb 172018

Inspired by Gaudium Et Spes §43 ¶01

truth of Jesus is offensiveWe are told by those who think they know better that we are not to discuss Jesus Christ because the Truth of Jesus is offensive. They don’t want hear the Truth for the same reason the Communist censor what comes into their countries. If people know the Truth, they will desire it and that will upset their temporary kingdom.

If you want the title of Christian, you must be willing to offend the world with His Truth. Jesus was so offensive to the world that they killed Him. Nothing has changed since the first century. The prince of this world hates Him as much today as he did then. To the ways of Jesus offends those who are all to willing to follow the lies of the evil one.

We are called to go into the world to make a difference for Jesus. Unlike those who live for the world, we need to live in the world for our King. This is not easy, but Jesus never promised it would be. We are called to show the world how to live for Jesus by being honest in all our dealings, including integrity in our work. Give an honest day’s effort for an honest day’s as my grandfather would say.

Saint Paul warns us not to be idle people, in fact, we are to avoid those whose life goal is to do the bare minimum. 1 One of the great failings of our generation is the hours of our precious life wasted consuming entertainment. Yes, a little entertainment is needed but not three hours each day. 2 We were not created to binged watch programs filled with messages that do not help us or invest hours trying to beat a level by perfecting our virtual killing skills. This is not the life of one who wants to be a “good Catholic” Christian.


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